The “Mysterious” Kidney Stone Prevention

My brother Jeremy and I have been working at getting Stone Away noticed by other kidney stone sufferers for a couple of years now. As we travel, and talk with those who have experienced kidney stones, I am overwhelmed by the information, or lack there of about kidney stone prevention. Jeremy is the poster child for kidney stones sufferers. I have enough information second hand that tells me I NEVER want to experience kidney stones!! But, my heart goes out to those who have experienced such agonizing and excruciating pain. So much pain that many ended up in an ambulance, hooked up to IVs and given strong painkillers such as morphine. What really troubles me is the lack of help that most of these folks have received from their professional healthcare providers.  I can’t tell you how many have echoed the same suggestions from their doctors: “Drink more water, and cut out red meats, and soft drinks, and salts, and milk, and cheeses…” It’s the same “schpill” every time.  There are so many who have spent tons of money on medical procedures to have them cut out, laser blasted, pulled, shock waved, stints put in….and there may be more. Days lost while their condition is dealt with in hospitals. Anyway…you probably know all about it far too well.

The most amazing thing is that our (Kidney Stones Treatment LLC) approach to kidney stone prevention is nothing new. The remedy has been around for ….years…maybe decades or longer. There have been medical universities and organizations who have performed studies on the effects of the ingredient we use. And, it has been proven effective in their studies. You can research and find that the University of Wisconsin Health, Langone Medical in New York, the National Kidney Foundation, Dr. Chris Kesser, and the list goes on of medical authorities who know that raising the citrate level in the urine helps to prevent kidney stones. Even without that, my brother is living proof that it works. I tried to get him to stop taking Stone Away as an experiment to show it’s effectiveness and he didn’t hesitate….TO REFUSE my offer! LOL  He told me there’s NO WAY he would stop taking it and “…go through THAT pain again!”

Kidney Stones Treatment LLC  took what works as a natural way to help prevent kidney stones and made it into an easy to use daily supplement. We took out the cutting, measuring, mixing, and all the trips to the grocery store and give you a simple daily supplement to take with water. It doesn’t get any easier than that. And we are trying to take out the mystery of kidney stone prevention by telling as many people as we can.

So, the mysterious answer for kidney stones isn’t so mysterious………….it’s just little known because the people who patients are relying on to giving effective information have failed to recognize a true answer.  Hospitals can charge upwards of $40,000.00 for shock wave lithotripsy.  Stone Away costs $29.99 for 90 capsules….that’s 90 capsules of prevention.  The previously mentioned $40K only treats the symptom, and does nothing for prevention.

So, we keep pushing forward to get the word out that THERE IS A WAY TO PREVENT KIDNEY STONES.  You don’t have to suffer with kidney stones any longer.

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