Dietary Supplements/Kidney Stone Help

Our journey through these past years has been an interesting and eye opening experience. As new business owners, my brother and I had very naive expectations of bringing a new supplement for kidney stone help to the market. Our hopes have been dashed against the jagged rocks of the dietary supplement business and thrown to and fro by the crashing waves of regulations by the FDA.

We realize now that we are not the exception to the rule. No, we didn’t know the rules going into this…so, we we are a little innocent in it all. That still doesn’t get you front seat to sales in the vast world of dietary supplements. There are a kazillion supplements for anything that ails you. The everyday searcher for a supplement to help his or her’s “problem” leaves one to much research and maybe even trial and error.

Since we began we have come to realize that a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch. False or hugely inflated claims have rendered the supplement business almost suspect in many eyes across the land. The FDA doesn’t allow you to say that your product actually does anything specifically…..and we see that it almost doesn’t make any difference anyway because people are so skeptical now, they aren’t going to believe you unless they have someone they know personally that has tried the product and had success with it. Even testimonials and reviews can be purchased for your product from promotional companies. ( this is NOT exclusive to the dietary supplement business either) You can pay to have a “white paper” written about your product from a “doctor” or “expert”, in order to give your product a “reputable” endorsement on your website. With all of these “add-ons” available to the retailer, it’s no wonder that nobody will believe you if you tell them your product can help with  “this”.

During a recent survey that we conducted on current customers, we found that almost 98% of our customers learned about the product from someone they knew. We kind of figure this from some of our ad campaigns rendered pretty much no sales at all, nor traffic to our website in the form of “new visitors”.Kidney stone help

So, kidney stones is the landscape and preventing kidney stones is the question. What substance works is the million dollar answer to the question. Convincing sufferers that our product IS an effective answer continues as an uphill battle. BUT WE CONTINUE OUR QUEST TO HELP AS MANY PEOPLE AS WE CAN TO realize 1. What causes kidney stones 2. How to prevent kidney stones 3. That Stone Away is the most direct approach to giving relief from kidney stones, and helping the body to manage stone formations in the future.

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