Proven Way To Prevent Kidney Stones


Prevent kidney stones. It’s the million dollar answer to hundreds of thousands of people’s question who suffer from them. How do you do it??? I truly believe that the answer lies within an extensively researched “remedy”, if you will. A remedy that has proven time and time again to be a definitive answer for finding a natural substance that inhibits, reduces, and prevents recurrence of nephrolithiasis, or what we call kidney stones.

This writing deals with two specific types of kidney stones, calcium oxalate, and uric acid stones. These two stones have been successfully researched in conjunction with attempts to make them go away and never come back. University of Wisconsin Metabolic Stone Clinic, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, National Kidney Foundation, The University of Chicago, The Global Healing Center, Kristina L Penniston MD, Stephen Y Nakada MD, Ross P Holmes Ph.D, Dean G. Assimos MD, Kriss Kresser, The Mayo Clinic, BYU Health, Edgar V Lerma, MD, FACP, FASN, FAHA, FASH, FNLA, FNKF, Cochrane Kidney and Transplant Group, University of Michigan Health, Langone New York, Fredric Coe MD, American College of Physicians are just part of the list of doctors and institutions who have shown that RAISING YOUR URINE CITRATE helps prevent calcium oxalate and uric acid kidney stones. To go even further, these studies have shown that raising your urine citrate levels to above 600 mg per day is the threshold for sufferers to begin to see a decrease in their “risk factor” for recurrence. The “magic number” seems to be in the area above 800 mg per day of urine citrate volume. 

STONE AWAY DELIVERS ABOUT 300 MG PER CAPSULE. OUR DAILY RECOMMENDATION IS 3 PER DAY. This gives you around 900 mg of citric acid. 

Citric Acid is an organic compound and our source is all natural from fruit. Combined with our proprietary blend of Hydrangea Root, Dandelion Root, Asparagus Stem, and Uva Ursi Leaves, Stone Away delivers a complete blend of HELP to your body so that it promotes decreased stone formations and better kidney function and health. And all of this for $1 per day.

Remember: ALWAYS drink plenty of water during the day to stay well hydrated. You need lots of fluids to help your kidneys continue to flush themselves and keep any “debris” from depositing inside them.

Here is a chart from one study showing that raising urine citrate level above 800 mg per day give sufferers a greatly increased chance to kidney stone prevention.

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