Back Pain from STRESS

Is your back pain from stress?? It could be. People “hold on” to stress in different ways. But, many hold that stress in their nerves and muscles. This tension usually starts at the base of the skull and move down into the neck and shoulders. Often times it moves all the way down and causes muscles in the lower back to tighten and result in pain…sometimes serious pain. STRESS is the culprit. Begin to find ways to REDUCE stress in your life. There are many things we cannot control and thus, there’s no good reason to worry about them in a way that ends up causing us to “stress out”. Relieving stress can be achieved in many different activities whether it be exercising, reading, resting, meditation, or just realizing that stress is bad for your health and deciding to NOT worry or stress about a situation. But, realize this, stress can be caused by unhealthy diet. When the brain doesn’t receive the nutrients it needs to perform and THINK properly, we don’t “handle” situations like we could. What we put into our bodies absolutely has an outcome, if you will. If we put in bad food or an unhealthy diet, we can’t think at optimum levels and we can’t process circumstances with a “sound mind” and thus stress happens. Diets that include high amounts of sugar, carbohydrates and processed foods deplete the brain AND body of key nutrients it needs, and feeds the body with excitotoxins which disrupt the brain activity all together, and greatly harms our gut health. Our minds are altered by the food we take in, either in a positive way, or a negative way. FEED THE BRAIN, STARVE THE STRESS. SAVE THE BACK. SAVE YOUR LIFE!

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