I want to provide everyone, who might be interested, with a little background on me and my brother Jeremy. Just so you’ll have some understanding on where we come from in business and in our personal life.

I’ll start with Jeremy our President. If I miss anything it’s either because it was so long ago, or it really isn’t relevant. Jeremy was born in Grand Prairie, TX at a very early age…..I digress….sorry. We continue… He was the baby in the family and had two older twin brothers, one of which is me. We were 11 years apart in our ages. Early in Jeremy’s life the family moved from Grand Prairie to Navarro Mills, TX in Navarro County. Almost a stones throw from Navarro Mills Reservoir. Jeremy attended Blooming Grove ISD and then attended Full Sail University in Florida for his formal training in Recording Engineering.  After graduating at Full Sail he entered into the internship field for several different recording studios in Nashville, TN. Through the years he met his wife Melissa and the rest is history and here we are…. O.K. I left out some so let me back up and fill in. Jeremy had an exciting career in Nashville working with some big names in the music industry. His last spot allowed him to work with Chas Sandford at his studio, Secret Sound in Springfield, TN. He even helped watch after Miley Cyrus, when she was still in a diaper, in the hallways of the studio while Billy Ray Cyrus finished his Trail of Tears album. After a few years Jeremy found himself leaving the music industry and beginning a career in the I.T. field. He landed a job as the ISO of a major medical management firm

While in Tennessee Jeremy developed a kidney stone. It was excruciating and he thought he was going to die from the pain. ER visit and no help from medications, he finally passed the stone. It was debilitating. Another stone the next year almost caused him to have a wreck on a busy interstate. The pain was unbearable. After #2 stone he said, “No more!” and he searched and searched for an answer. Doctors gave no info other than diet changes and more water. He found out through a family friend about boosting the citrate level could help. He started doing this and KABOOM…or no kaboom…the kidney stones stopped. He passed a few more but with no pain. One even passed without him knowing he even had a stone. That’s when he knew that the citric acid in the drinks he used was working. Jeremy’s desire was to try and get this remedy out of obscurity and into the light for more sufferers to learn about and be able to use and find success with just like he did. But, he wanted to take it a step further and have a daily supplement made so that it would be 1. easier for people to take and 2. he could market it and get it more easily seen and help a broader population. 3. have a product that didn’t harm the enamel on teeth, nor burn the esophagus after prolonged use.  He talked to me about it several times while in Tennessee and he said, “I’m going to do it. I’m going to have something formulated into a capsule or pill form and market it”.  Time would pass and then in 2013, after moving to Utah, Jeremy received the opportunity to sit down with a major dietary supplement company and consult with them to see if they could replicate what he was doing and put it in capsule form. They responded quickly with a “Yes, we can do that”….and so Jeremy began his dream of making it easier and more well known about how to prevent kidney stones effectively.  The first batch of Stone Away was ordered and finalized in June of 2013. Jeremy invited me to partner with him early in 2013 after he had first talked to “our” broker Blake from Nutraconnection. Blake was the inroad to speaking with CSB Nutrition in Spanish Fork, Utah.  I began to work with Jeremy to get a name established for the new product, launch the design campaign for our logo, and finalize a lot of the legal paperwork needed for our business. Before we leave this portion, I want to tell you that Jeremy has been married to his wife for 18 years and have 5 great kids.  Now, I’ll tell a little bit about me.

I was born and raised in Grand Prairie, TX also at a very early age. Sorry. I couldn’t resist. After our family moved to Navarro County in Texas I finished up my high school years at Blooming Grove High School. Met my sweetheart there in 1980. I attended one semester of College at Navarro College and decided I wanted to enter the work force full time instead of stay in school. Married my High School sweetheart in ’84 and we have 2 kids….full grown now.   I’ve worked from the oil fields to wholesale distributors, to 15 years in the soft drink industry, a short stint in truck driving, and then into car sales. Just about down to the level of “hard knocks” life lessons. LOL  I found myself able to talk to people and be a friend to them, and this helped me spend much of my working environment in a sales setting. After leaving the car sales scene in 2012 I became an independent contractor and worked as an outside sales representative for one the largest bedding manufacturers in the country. I still represent several manufacturers today as my “official” full time job. During the last couple of years I started another LLC in the mattress and bedding retail category. My background is sales. I’ve been “doing” sales since 1984. My outside sales rep spot began in 1988 when I started work for Dr.Pepper. If you want to work in the most competitive selling market in the whole universe…go to work in the soda business. There’s no pressure like it. Not even car sales compared to the “blood and guts” of the soda biz. LIKE PLASMA! LOL  O.K.. let’s keep this going.

Jeremy and I teamed up in 2013 to get Stone Away on the market and into the hands of as many kidney stone sufferers as we could. When we started out, we ran the “statistical” numbers and thought….”We’re going to be rich!”.. Then we actually started trying to market Stone Away and quickly found out that our desire to have our own business and be our own bosses was quickly overshadowed by our desire to help others who we saw suffering, and the reality that launching a dietary supplement is hard enough, let alone one that is ultra niche in it’s prospected buyer population. Yes, we are in this thing to grow and hopefully one day have it to be our sources of income. But, today we find ourselves in a fight to just get people to try it.  What was once viewed as a slam dunk catapult to the top has since been smashed against the reality of the dietary supplement market and how vast it is and how hard it is to get people to learn about your product.

We are two brothers who have a desire and passion to get help to those in need. That’s what we are about. The whole money thing is gone. We are 5 years in on this venture and have only lost thousands of dollars a year doing it……and still we keep on. Why? Because somehow someway things have worked out for us to do this. The very beginning was a miracle to even get a consultation with CSB. Our second order of product was a miracle. We have a product that WORKS!!! It works!!! Our success rate is mind-boggling. So, we have miracles happening for us to even have a business. We have a product that we managed to brand early on  and give it the look it needs. And, we have a product that works like a champ and it’s changing people’s lives. And THAT!!! THAT!!! That is the most amazing feeling you could ever have. Better than raking in millions of dollars in a business. We are CHANGING lives with our product. There’s no greater satisfaction than hearing from a person who has suffered much of their adult life believing that kidney stones was just going to be the way it was. And then they used Stone Away and their world took on a whole new look, and a whole new freedom from pain and agony once suffered. When you hear words like “it is my miracle”…..you thank God for the opportunity to be a part of such a thing.

So, that’s where Jeremy and I came from, and this is where Jeremy and I are headed. We are continuing to add to the list of EX-SUFFERERS and continue to provide relief for anyone who will use our product Stone Away. Our fulfillment in life is knowing that we are helping people. Our fulfillment is not by getting rich. Maybe I’ve been too open a bit, but that’s who we are. We’ve got nothing to hide and everything to be thankful for, even in the midst of it being hard to get “this train” rolling down the tracks. We’d love to be helping thousands….but if it is going to be 2 or 3 at a time…so be it. We’ll do our part and let God work out everything else for us. Because He has so far. THAT we do know! And THAT we are thankful for!!



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