Helping With Kidney Stones

My brother and I started this journey in 2013. Jeremy had already made plans to somehow have a product made that would include what he found to work in preventing, reducing, and helping with kidney stones.  When he called me and asked if I was interested…I didn’t hesitate. Timing was everything because a year earlier and I would not have been able to invest into what I believe to be a wonderful product and a fulfilling dream.

I might have mentioned this before, but the dream almost didn’t even get off the ground. We found out that you just don’t walk into a vitamin manufacturer and get them to make a product for you. As things would have it, and as we believe God intervened, Jeremy was able to make a connection through a vitamin “broker” and get an appointment for a consultation with CSB Nutrition. That’s where Stone Away was born.

And so, we continue our journey in an extremely competitive industry. Trying to make more and more people aware of Stone Away and it’s effectiveness. And the effectiveness list continues to grow. We have more and more people each week who have either heard about Stone Away from a friend or family member, or they found us on Facebook or the internet. Our “grassroots movement” is working. Now, the other side of that is a grassroots movement is slower than you want sometimes. Especially when you’re trying to grow a business that you are hoping one day will reach tens of thousands of people. Reality has set in for the two brothers trying to “change the world”. This journey is one part costly, one part skepticism, one part apathy, one part researching, and many many hours of marketing on social media and the internet, trying to find the winning combination that breaks open the flood of orders.  But, that hasn’t happened….yet.

We two brothers thought that a 5 year plan would land us in the general numbers of where we wanted to be with orders flowing in every day. We even chose to hire a fulfillment company a couple of years ago so that we would already be poised to take on the huge influx of customers and demand for our product. We didn’t want to be like the folks on the UPS commercial going live online for the first time, and then realizing really quickly that they could not even begin to keep up with all those orders. Growth is good. Keeping up with that growth is quite another. Jeremy and I are still wanting to be overwhelmed with orders. We do have a lot of orders coming in for Stone Away, and it DOES continue to grow each year, and we are truly grateful for the numbers who are using Stone Away. But, we know we haven’t even scratched the surface yet.

Still, Jeremy and I are committed to this journey. We love the fact that people are having their lives changed by using the product we sell. I can’t think of a better business to be in than one that brings healing to people and helps end their agony. And through all the trials, setbacks, near misses, disappointments, and times when we didn’t even know if we could continue one more day….we have endured by the Grace of God. And only by His Grace. We’ve seen Him work time and time again. In fact, we are breaking “the rules” in dietary supplements. We should have never been able to get a product manufactured. Our second order of product almost didn’t happen. But it did. And that’s what counts. And that’s what drives us on. The more new people we reach and the more new testimonies we receive just fills our hearts with more determination to continue to break the rules and change people’s lives.