Let me first start off and qualify…or disqualify myself to everyone who reads this. I am not a doctor, nor do I have a degree in biology, chemistry, homeopathic medicine, or anything for that matter. I am not an expert on what I am about to share,  but I do know what I’ve read and heard from those who suffer from kidney stones and from urologists.

Fact #1: Kidney stones are said to be the most excruciating pain known to man…next to child birth.  Fact #2: People who have kidney stones are likely to have recurrence. Fact #3: Doctors do NOT know why a person’s body creates kidney stones. They know HOW, but they do not know why a particular person’s metabolism presents excessive amounts of deposits in the urine than other people. Fact #4: Doctors have no drug that will help prevent kidney stones, dissolve kidney stones, and rarely have a drug that gives relief from the pain. Fact #5: Doctors, Urologists, Biochemists, and medical experts all disagree on how to prevent kidney stones and what some of the known remedies actually do or don’t do.

Here’s where I begin with some of the frustration. I’ve done studies and searches on our product’s ingredients and their effects on the human body. Namely Citric Acid. One thing I can say it that there are plenty of articles saying that including a good “dose” of lemons or limes in your diet can help with kidney stones. Even Dr.Oz says it. But, here’s the interesting thing I’ve found. There are opposing papers out there on what Citric Acid actually does in the human body. Now, I am talking about naturally formed Citric Acid, not the commercially made kind from mold. I’ve read papers that say Citric Acid alkalinizes the urine and balances the PH levels. I’ve read papers that say Citric Acid does nothing to alkalinize the urine nor do anything for PH. So, who’s right and who’s wrong? I will say that I have heard from many people who suffered from kidney stones that adding a good dose of citric acid ( and that’s the common denominator ) to their diet reduced and prevented stone recurrence. So, my mind sides on the outcome in actual people that Citric Acid does in fact alkalinize the urine making it harder for kidney stone forming crystals from sticking together. When people who have used our product for the first time, and for the first time in 15 years they find relief…???? Pretty convincing.

So, it’s no wonder that kidney stone prevention and relief has been such an ambiguous subject. Not a lot of “substantiated” “cures”. Mostly in the dietary supplement segments do you find some “claims” and “hard facts”.  And, since there’s no synthesized substance to mimic natural remedies, the pharmaceuticals and doctors are less interested in finding answers so it would seem. Nothing is being done. Nothing is being shared with patients as a whole.  We still TREAT kidney stone’s symptoms by only giving pain killers, and never TREAT the CAUSE.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m almost cool with that since I co-own a product that DOES prevent and treat kidney stones. ….or should I say help the body with kidney function and well being. But the lack of good information being told to those who are suffering the agonizing and excruciating pain of kidney stones is really troubling. The medical field is looking for 1. case studies done in clinical settings and documented of actual results. and 2. something that the pharmaceutical companies can provide for prescription writing.  Oh that I could get a doc who would write prescriptions for Stone Away.

This all brings me to my final conclusion about kidney stones, and other ailments. Here’s the bomb drop. Get ready. I am under the impression that we are consulting the wrong professionals for our ailments. Yes, I said it. I think we go to MDs too much. Now, they are great for cuts, and broken bones and emergency situations. But, I think we’ve overlooked the homeopathic, holistic, and naturopathic practitioners a little too much. They are the ones who do know about natural remedies that actually help the body cure disease. The “white coats” as I call them are trained on treating symptoms, and treating symptoms with drugs approved by the FDA and made by the major pharmaceutical companies. Doctors practice MEDICINE. That’s what they do in medical college…practice medicine. Not cures.  You can’t put a patent on natural substances. You can get a provisional patent on a particular formula if you can prove it’s uniqueness. And so, the big pharmas don’t waste there time with something that can be “made” by someone else. They want something they can patent, call their own, and protect so that big profits can be made. I believe we need to seriously embrace natural treatment doctors, homeopathic, holistic, naturopathic, etc. Natural substances help the body heal and actually rid itself of whatever disease or condition it might have. Drugs only relieve symptoms while the body fights off the illness naturally. So, your symptoms are gone, but your illness is still there until the body fights it, extinguishes it and then ultimately gets rid of it.

We don’t know why your body creates or retains too much calcium and oxalates, or uric acid in your urine, but we do know how to help you keep those “deposits” in your urine from sticking together and thus helping your body in preventing kidney stones. Which is a far cry more than we’ve seen from the “white coats”.


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