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The comments on this page have been submitted by actual Stone Away users. We posted their comments the way they were submitted to us. 


John H

“It’s about time to place another order. This stuff is legit people!! I had a 6mm stone and it smoothed over and reduced down so that I was able to pass it with practically no pain at all. Since then I haven’t had any stone issues at all.”

Alicia S

Thank you STONE AWAY! I have been a chronic kidney stoner for 13 years and I am on day 2, 6 pills and ALREADY passed ONE of my 11 kidney stones with minor discomfort! I will definitely be recommending this product for my fellow kidney stoners! 1 down, 10 to go! Lets do it!

Greg W.- Tennessee

**”No stones and at recent urology appointment no stones forming. Thanks”                

Jorge – Texas

** “For those who know me, know that I used to get kidney stones pretty frequently, since I got this supplement I have not had a single some in 2 years, I highly recommend this to any person suffering from kidney stones, and is all natural! !#!”

Melanie – Nurse – Texas

** “I’m really bad about self-diagnosing and refusing to go to the doctor for anything because, if you know a nurse, you know that we make the worst patients; however, that evening, the pain was so bad, I actually did go to the Emergency Room. After a urinalysis, a blood draw, and a CT scan, I was told I had two stones in my left kidney, both the exact same size – one on its way out and another lying in wait. They gave me Toradol in the ER which only took the edge off the pain but never came close to taking it away. They gave me one liter of IV fluids and sent me home. I passed the first stone that night but was terrified of the next one. What if it came while I was at work next time or somewhere else important?”


“I knew of some family members of mine who had chronic problems with kidney stones and remembered them talking about a new product.  I called one of them up and he introduced me to Stone Away.  Immediately I started taking Stone Away daily. Only one short week later, I passed the second stone with only some soreness and mild discomfort – no ER visit necessary. Now, I continue to take Stone Away daily and will continue to do so for as long as I am at risk for stones. I recommend that ANYONE with kidney stone issues try Stone Away.”

 Valerie R.

**”A friend suggested we try Stone Away. I am so glad that she recommended it to us! It’s a great product! “

Greg W. ( update)

**”…since I received my first shipment I have had only one episode and there was no pain in the passing of the stone.”

Jeremy – CEO

** “I created Stone Away out of my own need to get relief from painful kidney stones.  After my 2nd kidney stone and an ER visit I had to find a way to eliminate the pain.  I started taking the ingredients in Stone Away several years ago and my kidney stones started changing in composition and I started passing them pain free!  I’ve been able to pass the last 4 out of 5 kidney stones pain free.  I had mild pain with one for about an hour but not even enough to require as much as an OTC pain reliever.  That’s why I created Stone Away.  I’m not only the founder but I’m a former sufferer also.  I want each and every person who has trouble with kidney stones to experience the freedom that I have experienced.”

Jeremy – CEO Another Update….

** “Well I’m giving myself another testimonial as I just passed kidney stone #7 PAIN FREE***  I didn’t even know I had one! It just came out! No pain! . I’m all about prevention….but if I do form actual stones and they pass this easy….I’m very happy!”


 **Your results may vary

The comments on this page have been submitted by actual Stone Away users. We posted their comments the way they were submitted to us. 

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