Is there such a thing as Kidney Stone PREVENTION???  We believe there IS!

 There are hundreds and hundreds of people telling you their version on how to treat kidney stones. They tell you about nasty concoctions to mix up and drink and wait for your stone to pass. You can find supplements that claim to be the #1 rated treatment…..but, they have been rated #1 on a website THEY created. Kidney stone treatment should be something that’s easier than all the cutting, and chopping, and mixing and choking down. Kidney stone treatment should be something that works to manage  the kidney stones BEFORE they form.

“We Want to Help You find Relief from KIDNEY STONES”


The Beginning

Jeremy Pommerening is the President of Kidney Stones Treatment LLC. Years ago, after his second kidney stone attack, he vowed to find a way to prevent these nasty monsters from inflicting excruciating pain through his body again.  One attack almost caused him to have an accident on a busy freeway. That was enough to start him on a search to find out what will actually prevent kidney stones without drugs. All of the suggestions from doctors didn’t work. Drinking more water and reducing his tea intake and cutting high calcium foods didn’t stop the kidney stones. Through a family friend, he learned that some believed that raising your citrate level will help prevent kidney stones from forming.

He began boosting his citric acid intake. His stone formations decreased and he was even able to pass them without pain.

                                  Jeremy wanted to share his discovery with as many people as he could and help end their suffering. He wanted to make the process of raising the citrate level easier and less of a mystery.  With the help of a major vitamin manufacturer Jeremy had the ingredients formulated into capsule form so that people could do this easily and cost effectively.

And so Stone Away was born.  Just a daily capsule and water. No mixing and chopping, or juicing or measuring.

It’s so easy to take and actually cheaper than all those other nasty concoctions you see on the internet.

“We feel that Stone Away is a more direct approach to support the kidneys”

Too many kidney stone remedies only address kidney stones AFTER they form. We feel that’s too late to start dealing with kidney stones. Why WAIT until you have them? Why not try to prevent them from even forming? Stone Away is designed to help supplement the body’s kidney functions.  Our approach is helping to raise the citrate level in the urine. Increasing your Citric Acid intake has been recommended by doctors through the years as a way to help the body manage kidney stone formations. Here is a link to one University that has studied the effects of Citric Acid with kidney stone sufferers.

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