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**Our focus is on what causes kidney stones
Your urine contains crystals that are sticking together to form stones   ( like a snowball effect ) and then they sit in your kidneys, growing in size.
Eventually some may dislodge and try to pass through the ureter, bladder, and ultimately down through the urethra.
Kidney stone symptoms include: blood in the urine, nausea, sweating, sharp or dull pain in the lower back or abdominal area, and pain during urination. 
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**Jeremy Pommerening is the President of Kidney Stones Treatment LLC.

Years ago, after his second kidney stone attack, he vowed to find a way to prevent the nasty monsters. 

Jeremy and his family at the National Kidney Foundation Kidney Walk

One attack almost caused him to have a serious accident on a busy freeway.

 After some research and information from a family friend, Jeremy began to include fresh squeezed lemonade in his daily diet.  But He was experiencing heartburn, and the enamel on his teeth was starting to be effected. 

Jeremy wanted to have a supplement that he could take without all the sugar, and side effects from all that juice. And so, Stone Away was born. 


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